an amicable network of
Academical Medical Centres
in Europe

Who we are

AMiCE – an amicable network of Academical Medical Centres in Europe – is a network of university hospitals in Europe that amicably work together in the fields of patient care, management, research and teaching.

The AMiCE members seek to achieve the highest standards of healthcare and outcomes by working and cooperating together effectively. Through a combination of knowledge exchange and mutual projects, the university hospitals recognize the important role they play in the development of healthcare.

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Image Prof. Dr. Albrecht

Dear Reader,

We all face a large number of different challenges in our day to day clinical and managerial routines which we have to solve individually for our own organizations. However, being part of the AMiCE network gives us the chance to hold a mirror up to our actions and decisions. For me, open discussions of our ideas and decisions, processes and projects with equal partners are an important contribution to our overall goal of providing excellent patient care.

Apart from any notion of competition, by bundling individual strengths it will be possible to emulate the strong international interconnection of medicine itself. The very tight AMiCE network is our way of choice to do this.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. med. D. Michael Albrecht
President of the AMICE network