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Vienna General Hospital, Austria

The AKH Wien was founded in 1784 and in keeping with the original motto of “Saluti et solatio aegorum – For the salvation and solace of the sick” strives – together with the other Austrian university hospitals – to ensure the availability of the highest standard of medicine to the Austrian people. Today the AKH cares for around 100,000 inpatients a year and has more than 1 million unique outpatient contacts. Due to its size, the AKH has an enormous patient base, including some rare conditions and procedures that are a major driver of research activities.

Special areas of competence of the AKH are its Comprehensive Cancer Centre, transplantation medicine, cardiovascular medicine and paediatric medicine. Some exemplary highlights are the very large lung transplant programme, the assisted heart device programme, the paediatric-haemato-oncological unit of the affiliated St. Anna Kinderspital (St. Anna Children`s Hospital) and also – being Vienna – its Department of Psychoanalysis.


“The challenges in all European university hospitals are very similar. AMiCE give us the possibility to learn from each other and to compare various approaches. “Bring your experience and get best solutions in different fields” - that will be our aim.”

Dipl. Ing. Herwig Wetzlinger
Chief Executive Officer, Vienna General Hospital