an amicable network of
Academical Medical Centres
in Europe

University Medicine Greifswald, Germany

The origin of the University Medicine Greifswald dates back to 1456, when the University of Greifswald and the Medical Faculty were founded. Today it comprises a wide range of business activities in which 21 clinics and 19 institutes as well as a number of associated institutions work closely together. As a maximum care hospital, we combine healthcare, research and education. Thereby, the field of Community Medicine plays an important part. Our population-based study SHiP (Study of Health in Pomerania) investigates common risk factors, subclinical disorders and manifest diseases in the high-risk population of Germany’s Northeast. The data obtained enables us to draw conclusions for patient-centred care and to develop prevention measures. With over 4,600 employees, University Medicine Greifswald with its subsidiaries is the largest employer and thus one of the most important economic factors in the region.


“The AMiCE network enables us to exchange experience about healthcare issues at European level. Furthermore, the bundling of resources allows us to pursue common interests more effectively.”

Dr. med. Thorsten Wygold, MBA,
Medical Director, University Medicine Greifswald