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Academical Medical Centres
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LKH University Hospital Graz, Austria

Playing an important role for southeast Austria and the city of Graz, the LKH University Hospital Graz provides maximum medical care to patients in the region.

Guided by its motto “People help people” (Menschen helfen Menschen), 6,600 employees and 4,300 students take care of the well-being of patients who are treated at LKH University Hospital Graz. The focus predominantly lies on heart diseases (valvular surgery, bypass operations, vascular stent implantation, cardiac pacemakers, heart defibrillators), transplantations (skin, stem cells), cataract surgery, dialysis and intravitreal injections.

In 1976, the LKH University Hospital Graz took an innovative step in medicine when neurosurgeons succeeded in excising a brain tumour using a laser beam for the first time in history.


“The AMiCE network is of great value for international cooperation between university hospitals. For this purpose we have regular meetings of CEOs. I appreciate the good culture of cooperation and conversa-tion. We can all learn a lot from each other.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gernot Brunner,
Medical Director, LKH University Hospital Grazn