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Academical Medical Centres
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Inselspital, University Hospital Berne, Switzerland

As a university hospital, Inselspital plays an important role within the Swiss health care system. We are a medical competence, high-technology and knowledge centre and an interface for academic scholarship and scientific re-search.

Founded in 1354, our hospital is unique in its deep-rootedness within the community.

Highly qualified staff members give every day their best in the „Health City“ Inselspital to ensure that all patients from Switzerland and overseas receive the best possible medical and individual nursing care. We offer specialized tertiary medical services, including transplantation services, with an advanced approach to interdisciplinarity and quality of human care.

Starting from January 1st 2016 Inselspital forms with the five secondary-level hospitals of the Spital Netz Bern AG, which are situated around and in Berne, a powerful hospital group - Inselgruppe AG. By way of this institutional inte-gration with a local hospital company we aim at providing university based specialized services combined with basic health services from a single source. This is a unique setting in Switzerland.

As a learning organization, we continuously monitor our strategic corporate policy positions and principles, particularly in regard to the changing frame-work of health care policies on a national and international level.


“Medical science and medical care have reached global dimensions. Interna-tional networking is for the Inselspital therefore a must.”

Holger Baumann,
Chairman of the Board of Management