an amicable network of
Academical Medical Centres
in Europe

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University medical centres in Europe face multiple and dramatic challenges in the years and decades to come. Exploding financial costs in healthcare systems, cutbacks in public funding and ever-growing bureaucratic procedures require urgent answers. At the same time, medical standards need to evolve quickly as ageing societies and increasing chronic diseases are likely to put further pressure on European healthcare systems.

Shouldering patient care, teaching and research, university hospitals are highly exposed to these challenges. Taking action now is more necessary than ever.

We – the AMiCE partners – believe that university hospitals in Europe can count on their proficiency in order to confront the challenges ahead of us.

  • University medical centres are dedicated to further developing the highest standards in healthcare.
  • They have a track record of excellent results in research and teaching – some of them over hundreds of years.
  • They show deep commitment to the well-being of their patients.

Our goal with AMiCE: Sharing excellence in healthcare

The way that challenges in healthcare are confronted may differ among university medical centres in Europe. However, our challenges remain similar. This represents an exciting opportunity because every individual approach to problem-solving will be a source of inspiration for every university hospital.

Therefore, we amicably share our expertise, dedication and commitment within the Amicable Network of University Medical Centers in Europe, AMiCE. Together, we encourage new perspectives for University Medical Centers from a clinical and managerial point of view. Key instruments of our activities are working groups and an exchange programme for professionals.

We truly believe that the more we focus on the exchange of knowledge, the more we will progress for the benefit of our patients.

Our future: Join us!

You feel that AMiCE can help you to foster the excellence of your University Medical Centre?

You are convinced that you, as a University Medical Centre, can make a valuable contribution to the exchange of knowledge within our network?

Then we would be happy to share our ideas with you! Let’s move forward together: We welcome you to AMiCE!