an amicable network of
Academical Medical Centres
in Europe

Activities & Projects

When founded in 1996, the aim of AMiCE was the exchange of experiences in hospital management on a practical, but informal level. Since then the activities of the network have also spread to other, more specific cooperations, such as indicator benchmarking or purchasing. Beside this, the network led to different bilateral and trilateral cooperation activities.

Each member has its own specialties. In order to develop projects within the specific topics and improve the exchange of knowledge and experience, it is necessary to bring together the experts in organised meetings – if possible with the help of EU subsidies.

The network therefore defined topics of interest that each member could take part in if interested and create excellence centres.

Specific projects of the AMiCE-network are:

  • Healthy Ageing: The Optimisation of Health Care for lifelong Healthy and Active Ageing, also considering Demographic Changes.

  • E-Health / Telemedicine

  • Networking / Regionalisation/ Integration Strategies

  • Semi-Annual Symposia of the Heads of Procurement, Logistics, Pharmacy with the focus areas:

  • Benchmarking (Endoprothetics, Cochlear Implants)

  • Vendor Rating

  • Establishment of a Global Barcode Database

  • eBusiness

  • Barcode Standardization

  • HR-Management and Development

  • The Collaboration in the Field of Nursing and Organization of „Summer Schools“ (short Courses) in different Subjects

  • The Organisation of international Health Management Courses on different Subjects

  • The Exchange of Personnel (structured and individually; short-term, but also long-term, for example in Research Projects)